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by Alison McGinnis, PT, DPT, FAFS

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May 24th, 2022

Ever Get a Side-Stitch When Running?

Try a few of these simple tricks to keep you moving during your next workout.


1. Check your posture – Are your shoulders lifted up and leaning back? This position over-lengthens the abs. Try bringing your ribs down towards your pelvis so your shoulders are driving forward, not up and back.

2. Breathe out longer – As your workout gets harder, we tend to inhale more and exhale less, not giving our abdominal muscles time to relax and contract. Try pursing your lips and pushing air out longer during your exhale then taking a normal inhale in.

3. Drop your OPPOSITE shoulder down – Have a stitch on your right side? Drop your left shoulder down slightly so you feel your left ribs get a little closer to your left hip. Keep your head up. Maintain this position until the stitch subsides.

If these aren’t enough to fix your stitch and you have to stop, bend forward and put your hands on your knees (and breathe through your back). This position is much faster than putting hands on your head to recover from a side-stitch. 


Give these a try the next time a stitch hits you mid workout, and let us know what worked for you!



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